Excellent children's book with a wonderful, encouraging message. The store is beautifully written and my 2 year old really enjoys the characters, especially Marie!! The illustrations are also beautiful and fun to look at, too. This book would be great for children of any age. A joy to read with my little girl!!!!!



I Am... Self- Discovery is such an incredible book for young kids (and even adults), it helps build confidence for all ages! Highly recommend! 


Just received my copy! I love it!!! It needs to be in every Elementary School!! Great message! Love it!!!


I shared it with my PreK class today and we all left feeling so inspired! It is a beautiful story about learning to encourage yourself in times of feeling nervous or afraid. It also helps you to stop and explore what makes YOU special and affirming that within yourself each day. Inside the book is an "I am" certificate. My kiddos will be making their own affirmations this week using their name as a starting point. I highly recommend this book! 



This book is inspiring to children and exactly the kind of story they need in the world we live in now. I can't recommend it enough!❤️


Self- discovery= self love 

I love this book! It's got such a good message. My son loves to look at the pictures and we love to say the affirmations together. It's very well written! I hope she writes more!



We LOVE I Am Self-Discovery! Such a great story about building confidence and your shield of armor. Highly recommend for all ages!


Great Confidence Booster! 

I Am… Self Discovery is a wonderful book that will help your little one boost their confidence through words of affirmation. The way Kayla Miller wrote it is relatable kids and even be helpful for adults to remind themselves of the great characteristics they have. My 2 year old stands in front of the mirror and uses words of affirmation for herself which will be helpful in reminding herself of her worth! 


Motivational Book

I am a grandfather that bought 3 ‘I Am’ books; for a 2 year old boy, a 6 year old girl and a 7 year old boy. The 6 and 7 year old love to read the book and seem really excited about the challenge to improve themselves- affirmation. The 2 year old loves to look at the pictures. My biggest surprise was how much I enjoyed the book and how it makes me think of bettering myself. Very happy.


I Am... Self Discovery 

In a world so full of negativity, how refreshing it was to read a story encouraging us all to be more positive. And what better place to start with ourselves, particularly as children. I loved this book. There should be a copy of "I Am... Self- Discovery" in every classroom and library.