❗️I need your help❗️

Hi everyone! This is by the far the most exciting step in this process as I feel like the book is finally coming to life.

Choosing my illustrator! Mascot Books has over 300 illustrators that they work with. One of the great parts about working with Mascot Books is that I get full creative control throughout the entire process so I can have very specific details that I would like to be added into the illustrations.

The first step in choosing an illustrator was to go through the styles that they offered. This was through their website where they have set up a page where I was able to go through and choose my favorite ones. I ended up choosing six by the end and sent those to my production editor. (Check out my story to see all the illustration styles I got to choose from).

Once she received my list, she was able to go through the illustrators that they work with and send me twenty-five portfolios that were within the styles that I chose. After going through all of their portfolios I loved four of the artists.

Test sketches! Remember back to the editorial stage, I had to create character descriptions for what I wanted each character in the book to look like. This is then where the four illustrators referred back to these descriptions and drew test sketches of the three main characters in my book! -

This is where all of you come in as I would love to see which test sketch is your favorite! Please comment down below which one is your favorite. I will have them numbered.

It’s truly amazing to see something that was once what you imagined and now being right in front of you drawn to perfection. Everything is coming together!

P.S. I did already choose my illustrator but I would still love to see which one is everyone’s favorite.