I loved seeing everyone’s thoughts on the test sketches last week. I’m so glad some of you loved the one that I chose! (Pictured below)

After choosing my favorite test sketch, Francesca officially became my illustrator. She signed her contract and went on her way starting the black and white sketches.

Remember back to the editorial phase where I was able to write in an illustration description for each spread, this is what my illustrator went off of to start the sketches. Once she signed her contract, my production editor and her came up with due dates for the black and white sketches and then color sketches.

She works extremely fast and a week before the deadline I was able to see all the illustrations for the entire book in black and white. They were amazing!

Once I received the sketches, I was able to have three rounds of revisions. I went through all the little details and big picture. I made some revisions and she sent back copies of the sketches.

I cannot wait for you guys to see the illustrations. It is all coming together and I couldn’t be more excited to be able to share this book with everyone!