Things are moving along with the illustrations. After I received the black and white sketches, I needed to decide the color direction I was looking for.

I had to determine the color style that I wanted to be displayed in the spreads. I could indicate as many or as little details on the colors as I wanted. First, I needed to check the storyboard against the illustration descriptions to see if I wanted any specific colors that weren’t already noted in the descriptions. An example, if I wanted a character to have a particular hair color.

Then deciding on color style. This is more specific on shading or solid colors, earth tones, brights, etc. I sent in a few example photos that could be helpful for the illustrator to refer to. This step is completely up to the author, you could give your illustrator the creative freedom or you could send in some ideas of what you had envisioned.

One of the main reasons why I chose Francesca to be my illustrator was because of the colors she used in her portfolio. They were so bright and inviting to look at which caught my eye.

After I emailed my ideas over to the production editor, Francesca began working on the color spreads. From when the black and white sketches were complete, she created a deadline of a month and a half for all of the color spreads to be complete.

I officially received the first 2 pages in color and they look incredible! Here’s a sample of part of the first page.

Each step becomes even more exciting and I can’t wait to see the final product!